The girl who wears Chacos

So this week has been great! I have been learning lots and am getting more used to the language and sharing the gospel.  It really does feel like I am here for a short amount of time! Well, this week, alot has happened. I saw GRANT!!!! IN the MTC with me!! I'm sure you were in on it, but he did not tell me he was coming to the MTC and so I was walking to breakfast one day and saw him running down the stairs and he gave me a huge hug! Everyone studying around us was wondering "what is going on??!" because you can get into some trouble here, even for hugging your brother. But it was worth it! :) it was so good to see him. I was in the Physical Therapists office and she has access to the master computer so she found out he had the exact same schedule as me, and stopped the entire gym time and called his name on the loudspeaker like he was in trouble so when he walked into her office he would see me to get him back. Apparently he didn't know where the office was and was looking all around and never found me but I see him often at meals and other places. It is so cool! I was laughing because we will both be doing rehab together at the exact same time. If you haven't heard already, my little sprain, was actually a fractured ankle that they didn't catch on the x-rays before because my foot was too swollen and it is hard to spot one until calcium forms. So this week, (before I knew it was fractured) it had been over 12 days of crutches and I was sick and tired of it. It wasn't helping that people were starting to think that I wasn't actually hurt because a sprain does not take that long to heal. So one day I decided to leave my crutches in the apartment and walk without them. Even though it hurt really bad. I didn't care. I wanted to get better. The only shoes I had that had good support were my chaco sandals (which if you don't know if the equivalent of wearing hiking boots with a dress.) so everywhere people are commenting "I like your chacos" about 20 times a day. Well after two days of walking on it, the physical therapist was working with me to do stretches and different exercises, she realized I was still having all the symtoms of a fracture, and she was really worried and said she wouldn't do any more rehab until I got more x-rays. So i took some more x-rays.  Two doctors missed it, but the third doctor saw the fracture. Otherwise I would have kept walking on it and been in more pain and could have done more damage. So I was really blessed. I went for a checkup today and he said I was really blessed they found it because alot of times they won't, even in professional atheletes who have a staff, because you have to wait 10 days after the injury for it to happen to take xrays and see the calcium deposits or you wont find it. It was 12 days when i got the xrays. He also said I was lucky they found it because I could have had cronic pain for the rest of my mission or longer but because they found it and put me in a boot ill be ok. He said Im cutting it close but hopefully if I do everything im supposed to I probably won't be delayed. So thats the good news,
Well I will try to send you a letter this week I have to go get my hair cut right now
and thanks so much for all the stuff you sent !!!!! I LOVE IT !!
I love the earring so much!and wear them all the time. Im wearing the shirt now.
I dont know how hard it was to find but I would love some more of the exact same shirt you sent me (hawaiian one) because it fits perfect and is not hot but I don't know if you can find them in other colors. but it would be perfect for fiji becasue i cant wear alot of my clothes there.
also , my teacher says i REALLY need batteries for my flashlight. they are 123 A batteries lithium. usually by the cameras.
also. just a side note, people in fiji are super poor. poorer than i thought, so my earrings i cant wear in the field becasue they will be to "flashy" also they have whats called "kerekere" where its part of their culture to just ask for whatever you wearing and you have to give it to them. so things like watches , earrings, bags, whatever, so i might be sending some stuff home so i can enjoy it later.
love ya!! bye

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